Walnut Creek, CA

Arcsine Architecture transformed an existing piano store with little curb appeal into a vibrant restaurant fitting the bustling downtown Walnut Creek. The clients sought an inviting, contemporary environment to complement the globally-inspired, locally-sourced menu by Executive Chef Robert Sapirman. Situated on a competitive street corner, the design needed to grab attention and engage pedestrians.

Arcsine wrapped the building in an innovative wood-panel façade, complimented by a curving wall of frameless glass that entices passersby to look in and feel as if they are already inside. A canopy of FSC-certifi ed eucalyptus leads patrons from the entrance to the lounge and extends all the way to the back bar. Bellusci Design continued the contemporary motif, with furniture and fi nishes in a monochromatic spectrum and plenty of texture. Combining these elements, Vesu wields a commanding presence – one that draws customers, welcoming them into an open, communal space.