San Francisco, CA

Local entrepreneur, Elizabeth Wells, approached Arcsine for help with the initial canvassing for a new restaurant space. After reviewing multiple locations, a home for Southpaw BBQ was found in San Francisco’s Mission district. Elizabeth’s vision was to create a relaxed BBQ joint in the city, with a real connection to the South in both flavor and feel. Arcsine designed a layout that took full advantage of the 2,000 square foot space. A generous bar with a walnut counter top allows for ample bar seating. The back bar wall incorporates large reclaimed riddling racks, accentuated by the recess within the soffi t over the bar. Arcsine defined the dining space by exposing the original
roof joists and adding skylights. This allows more natural light to penetrate the space, while also leading one’s eyes to the open kitchen. Finally, the installation of large sliding windows at the storefront and use of reclaimed materials helps establish a very open and honest space.