Oakland Convention Center

Oakland, CA

Success for a project of this type can be measured by an increase to revenue and event registration. This renovation achieved both by creating and implementing a thoughtful design through intense team coordination led by Arcsine with the City of Oakland, and the Center’s management team. Arcsine led all consultants, which included Interior Design fi rm Design Atelier, to meet the aggressive schedule, budget, and city requirements. The 68,000 square foot facility remained operational throughout the renovation, requiring diligence of the construction team and Arcsine’s reliable availability during construction administration. For the first time since original construction in 1982, the Oakland Convention Center received upgrades to finishes, furniture, lighting, acoustics, restroom facilities, and accessibility improvements. The meeting spaces were redesigned to allow for customizable presentation spaces including optimal lighting programs and specialized projector wall coating to enhance displays. A new revenue opportunity was developed when Arcsine deftly took advantage of the meeting room relationship to the exhibit halls and afforded them the dual use as “sky boxes” for large scale events. LEED Existing Buildings Operation and Maintenance Silver Certification was awarded in 2016.