Four Points Emeryville

Emeryville, CA

Hired for both interior design and architecture, Arcsine was tasked with creating a more inviting and open space that better connected the lobby, reception area, business center, restaurant, and bar. In very close collaboration with the client, design decisions were made to enlarge and relocate the bar, remove the existing walls that enclosed the reception and business areas, and create a large raised ceiling soffit to connect these functions. The renovation activates the lobby by making the bar a central focus; it brightens the dining/breakfast area through the use of clean, light finishes and encourages guest interaction through an integrated business center and communal seating areas, all while keeping to Starwood brand standards. The resulting public space is conducive for guests who wish to dwell and linger or to quickly grab a meal on the way to a meeting. Arcsine also coordinated the meeting rooms, pre-function and fitness centers to receive new brand standard finishes. Finally, a few key art pieces were curated for the project including a mural-sized photograph of the Bay Bridge in the elevator lobby to give a sense of place.