101 Market Street Dining & Event Space

San Francisco, CA

Arcsine Architecture, along with interiors group Design Atelier, was selected to renovate the original cafeteria in this mid-80s offi ce building on Market Street in San Francisco. The client wanted not only to update the look and feel of the space, but also diversify its functionality and allow it to accommodate larger gatherings held several times a year. The design team’s strategy was to break down this large, unwieldy space into three zones: a lounge at the north window wall, a main dining area, and a café space at the entrance to the room. Arcsine added depth to the two main north-south walls, using this additional space to provide two service stations on one wall, and a more intimate dining alcove on the opposite wall which doubles as a stage area for larger gatherings. These walls were finished in flush wood panels, providing a distinguished yet contemporary feel befitting the client’s business. Finally, a new curved resin panel ceiling was designed to provide a focal point for the entire room.